How To Make Money Using Sam's Picks!

The way I designed this system to make money is to bet with the odds and not against them. The first thing a bettor has to do is establish a goal for each track he or she bets. By this I mean, if there are 10 races and you want to win at least $20.00 per race (based on a $2.00 wager), your goal would be to make $200.00 from that track. Ok, how are you going to do this you ask? Simple, it's called Sam's Money Management System. Remember, stick with the system, you will not win every race but you will get your share and a decent return. Here's what you do.

First go to Sam's Picks and select a track to bet. Next, match Sam's Picks up with the program numbers so you will now have just numbers to play with not horse's names. Here at The Horse Racing Source we don't use numbers because of entries, scratches, etc. and will not be able to get you that information in time of the race. Next check out the exacta pay off board at the track and see just what the combinations of Sam's Picks are coming back.

Remember you want to make at least $20.00 per race per $2.00 wager so if the combination is coming back less than $20.00 you would have to figure out how many times you would need to bet this combination to NET $20.00 for the race. To get to the Net number take the total number of bets minus the pay off, this gives you the net for the race. An example follows… You have to box Sam's Picks to make this system effective a cost of $12.00 (6 combinations) per $2.00 bets by boxing Sam's Picks i.e. (2,4,6) in an exacta, it would cost you $12.00, if 2-4 is coming back $50.00 and 4-2 is coming back $37.00 no need to take an additional wager. If the combination of 2-6 is coming back $15.00 and 6-2 is coming back $18.00 than we must take a second wager on these two combinations. This will be an additional $4.00 wager ($2.00 each way). If 4-6 is coming back $55.00 and 6-4 is coming back $35.00 no need to take addition wagers on these combinations.

So where are we so far? It cost us $12.00 for the exacta box combination and an additional $4.00 for the second wager on the 6-2, 2-6 combinations. A grand total of $16.00. The race goes off and the winner is the 6 and the 2 is second the exacta comes back $18.00. You now have it twice for a gross amount of $36.00 and a net amount of $20.00 ($36.00 you won minus$16.00 you bet=$20.00 net) for that race. It's that easy, remember usually one doesn't win every race so you would have to figure out you net based on the number of races that track has that day. Remember we are not responsible for the money you make or the money you loose.

Good luck and make money!




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